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Successful One-on-One Teaching

By Christine Foy, General Education Faculty The art of teaching is the ability to create opportunities that facilitate learning. The brain connects new information to memorable moments, cementing an association that produces learning. The positive interaction between teacher and learner provides an optimum context for learning. One way I’ve created learning opportunities with students is

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Providing “Homework Tips” for Students

By Clarissa Cabbage, APTES Faculty Member In the last few terms, I have posted “Homework Tips” in the class announcements. I use this document to highlight important instructions and provide tips, hints, examples, and any extra resources on the week’s homework (HW) - all in one place! The need for this developed from repeatedly answering

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Using Google Forms for Assessment and Participation

APTES faculty member, Kyle Thompson, has developed an efficient way to kill two birds with one stone; determine participation points and get a pulse on content understanding. Watch his short video to learn how to use Google Forms to collect student information.

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Breathing Life into the Online Classroom

By Donna Smith, General Education Faculty When teaching an online course, how do you make your course feel alive? As an online instructor, I often find myself asking this question. Instructors may find themselves wondering, besides written feedback and discussion threads, “What are some tools or strategies I can use to connect with my students?”

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The Benefits of Quick and Continuous Feedback

By Jennifer McGrath, Vice President of Academic Affairs I’ve been asked how I effectively motivate my students to earn high assignment submission rates.  I always have the same response: it is all about the grading and feedback. We’ve all been told how important feedback is to students. Feedback really is important, but what makes feedback

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